Author: Johnny Dalvi, Author at FirePit Games


Unity standard asset package

Hello guys,   Since I’ve started to participate in Game Jams and in the OneGameAMonth challenge, I’ve decided to make this asset to help me speed up the “default” game structure that I use in almost all games, things like Menu, […]


Postmortem – Ludum Dare #39 (Legend of Sunflower)

Hello Everyone, This was my first Ludum Dare, and I loved being part of this amazing community, everyone willing to help one another and the event was pretty well organized. There are two categories, the Compo and the Jam, in […]


Starting to Participate in Game Jams

Have you ever heard about 1#GAM (One Game a Month)? How about Ludum Dare?   The Problem to find people to work with in the Indie GameDev Industry   After a while participating in Social Media groups, GameDev Related forums and trying […]


The Quest for a Logo

This week I had the quest to create a Logo for the studio, and I have never done one before. I was lost and didn’t have a clue about where to begin, what helped me a lot was the fact that […]


First Post

Hello everyone, FirePit Games has just been born, and this will surely be a long journey seeking for breaking into the game industry, please take a seat, it will be a pleasure to have you around! I’m customizing and updating […]