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The Quest for a Logo

This week I had the quest to create a Logo for the studio, and I have never done one before. I was lost and didn’t have a clue about where to begin, what helped me a lot was the fact that I already knew what I was looking for, I wanted a Logo that illustrated the old kind of FirePit, the

one with a few pebbles around the fire and the kind that was used by the man from the stone age.

Since I’m more used to raster drawing instead of vector, I started to sketch a few ideas on Krita (awesome piece of software, I recommend give it a try if you are looking for a free digital painting software), at first I tried to draw realistic pit fires but soon realized that it was too much information to put in a Logo, so I made a simple (and crude) design instead and exported it to Inkscape to resume from there using vectors. I wanted to give a glow effect to it and eventually made this version that you can see with the FirePit Text on the side, I even made it the header of the website (for two days).




I shared it on an indie game developers Facebook group, I also included a few options for different colors and effects and asked which was the best one, “none of those, pay a designer to do it for you” was by far the winning answer! And it was probably the best option and what I should have done. But I’m stubborn and didn’t want to pay to another person to do it for me, I knew what I wanted, a unique logo, not just a generic fire related one.


A few designers replied to the post and recommended things that I could do to improve the logo design, such as reducing the number of Vector Nodes and taking out the glow effect. Even with that horrible design, many developers voted for the colors that they thought that was best suited for this logo, so after a few iterations I achieved this design and these color options below:




This design was a lot better received by the community and it passed through the last voting phase, I also shared at the GameDev.TV forum, which is the awesome community from the unity course that I’ve done a year ago, and they helped me choose which color I should go for. I’ve made a few changes to the design to make it smoother and also added the name of the studio to the logo using the font that I felt suited for it.

I’ve made a few changes to the design to make it smoother and also added the name of the studio to the logo using the font that I felt suited for it, a lot of people criticized the font that I’ve used and I was on the verge of changing it to something more common, but it was at this point that I received the best piece of advice that I could have:

“One suggestion – remember that this is your brand, whilst getting feedback can be good, you need to be happy and confident with what you want to use. As a consumer of your products and services I need to have the utmost confidence in your abilities – that’s got to start with your own confidence.”

Rob, Moderator from the GameDev.TV community.

And he is right, it is my brand and I’m the one that has to be happy with it, after all, I’m an Indie Game Developer, and this is the advantage that we have over the big guys, we got to design things the way we like it, giving a small piece of ourselves to everything that we create. So yeah, that’s my Logo and I’m happy for not paying a designer to do it for me.





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