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Starting to Participate in Game Jams

Have you ever heard about 1#GAM (One Game a Month)? How about Ludum Dare?


The Problem to find people to work with in the Indie GameDev Industry


After a while participating in Social Media groups, GameDev Related forums and trying to find people to collaborate with me, I Realized that the Indie Game Market, in a similar way to the overall creative/art related industries, have a lot of individuals that are doing it only because they think that it’s “cool” and usually those people don’t actually dedicate themselves to it, which resulted in my working many times more than the other people in the team, which was very frustrating and usually ended up with the project being cancelled.

This made me realize that if I wanted to actually work in the industry, I would have to do it by myself, get my games out there and eventually, it would help me to attract people with a similar mindset and that is really willing to work hard to achieve their goals too.


Here is where Game Jams Kicks in


Game Jams are events where many game developers attend to in order to create and submit a game accordingly to a theme (or not) in a small time span (usually something between 2~7 days). Game Jams are very good to help you to dedicate yourself to actually having the compromise to create games and SHIP THEM, and fast, since it is time-based.

Jams also help you by giving you constraints about what you should create (giving you the theme constraint), which incites creativity. Nothing is worse than a blank page.

And besides that, it is also very nice opportunity to meet some very determined developers since pretty much anyone attending to a Weekend Game Jam will likely have to spend a lot of effort in order to actually finish the game.


One Game a Month Challenge



I imagine that probably a ray of light descended from the heavens while some angelic chord echoed by the time that McFunkyPants thought about this website. It is amazing, he kind of made a game with achievements and challenges about Making a game a month, how brilliant is that? I’ve just registered to the #1GAM Website but I’m willing to make all the way up to the 12th game, and I’m already building a Unity Standard Asset Package (which I can share if you guys want it) that will help me with the boring part and will be a starting point for all my Unity projects, it will include the music behaviour, options and player preferences, scene managing tools, Editor Script to change all buttons/texts at once etc.

One Game a Month will be helpful to create a routine, increase networking and give me experience with creating and actually SHIPPING reduced scope games, and I’ll also have at least more 12 games by the end of it.


Ludum Dare and


Ludum Dare is an important Game Jam that happens 3 times a year (April, August, and December), and it exists since 2002, probably is the most important recurring Jam along with the Global Game Jam.

This weekend (July 28th) I will be participating in my first Ludum Dare (LD#39), this will be my second Game Jam (the first was the Global Game Jam 2017), and I’ll be Solo, but I’m kind of “OK” about it, I’ve already read plenty of articles, listen to a lot of talks and seen plenty of videos about it and I’m also getting the standard asset ready. My plan is to make a simple 2D or 3D (depending on the theme) and upload it to

After LD I will submit my game to the #1GAM, share it here and I will probably keep participating on a few Jams listed on (which is an amazing place to find out about Jams that are happening and that are going to happen), besides of proceeding with some other On Development projects which I will be posting here about them within a few days.


Well.. Let’s see how it goes 🙂 Thank you for your time!

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