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Unity standard asset package

Hello guys,


Since I’ve started to participate in Game Jams and in the OneGameAMonth challenge, I’ve decided to make this asset to help me speed up the “default” game structure that I use in almost all games, things like Menu, the sound, game controller scripts, feedback class to instantiate UI elements on the canvas based on a world position, custom UI editor window etc. The link to download it is right below, the GitHub repository and the documentation about how to use it too: 

The link to the repository in GitHub

Package Download


This Asset Consists off:

  • Singleton Master GameObject that is responsible for managing overall options such as Player Preferences, Custom Events, in-game message windows, pause/unpause, overall sound manager, musics and PlayerFeedback class;
  • Custom UIEditor (Window/UI Editor) that can handle mass UI Image/Text/Outline color change;
  • Premade Menu flow, with a loading scene, start menu and the Game scene with inbuilt options.

I’ve already used an earlier version of this asset once in the last Ludum Dare , it prevented me losing several hours working on default things, perhaps it can be useful for other people too. Let me know your opinion regarding it if you do try and you can also ask for pull-requests so we can improve it together. Regardless of that, I will keep updating and improving this asset in order to speed up my pipeline.



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