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First Post

Hello everyone,

FirePit Games has just been born, and this will surely be a long journey seeking for breaking into the game industry, please take a seat, it will be a pleasure to have you around!

I’m customizing and updating the website content with some work that I’ve done this past two years and setting everything up so I can start to share the games and projects that I’ve been working on with you guys. I’ll make sure to post every week about both technical details of what I’ve done in the week and also the non-technical stuff too.


About me:

Well, I’m a Brazillian business administrator that worked the past 10 years in the Ornamental Stone market, and that always loved both gaming and art. I had no prior experience with game development until the end of 2014, which was the time that I’ve decided to start studying about it just for curiosity, and man… I totally fell in love with every aspect of it, from coding,  modeling, drawing to designing games, publishing, and marketing.

And every since I haven’t stopped to either study about it nor producing games, that so even though I only develop on part-time, I manage to dedicate around 30 hours/week to it (weekdays evenings, weekends and holidays).

…and now, it has become my dream to make a living as a full-time game developer, it can take some time but it will not be over until we manage it!

Nice to meet you and welcome to FirePit Games Studio!

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About Johnny Dalvi

Born in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) on 1990, a degree in business administration and over 6 years of experience as Executive Director in a company from the Ornamental Stone market, with experience in international sales and customer relationship. Game lover since early age and game developer since 2015, has been constantly developing in unity ever since and is capable of handling in a basic-intermediate manner every aspect involved in game development pipeline.

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