3. The Studio - FirePit Games

The Studio

     FirePit Games is a Brazilian studio created in July 2017, it is an Solo Developer game studio and is aimed at creating unique and quality games for mainly Mobile Market and Desktop Market (eventually).


The FirePit

     Since the dawn of times man had a strict relationship with the campfire. At the very beginning when the fire was discovered, we used it as tool to protect ourselves from the environment, to hunt and to improve our survival abilities. But not only that, it also was an important social tool since those who did not have the capability to make fire joined those who did, thus small societies began to form and the framework of early cultures was built around it.

     Around Fire Pits small societies were born, languages started to form and the history was written. Men gathers around campfires to socialize among other things until this very day.

     The relationship with fire is craved within our genes, and the Fire Pit was there to  make it last.


3. The Studio

Johnny Dalvi

Solo Developer

Born in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) on 1990, a degree in business administration and over 6 years of experience as Executive Director in a company from the Ornamental Stone market, with experience in international sales and customer relationship.

Game lover since early age and game developer since 2015, has been constantly developing in unity ever since and is capable of handling in a basic-intermediate manner every aspect involved in game development pipeline.


This is our skill set

3d Design
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